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Sunday, 2 August 2009

MCleaner blocks and filters calls and messages

MCleaner call sms mms filter blocker blacklist whitelist
MCleaner lets you reject calls, SMSs, and MMSs. When people on your blacklist try to call you, you can send them a busy tone, mute the ringtone, reject the call with an SMS, or divert the call to any number you like. All blocks and filters can be scheduled, so you can block incoming calls when you're asleep or reject all calls from your boss outside business hours.

You can filter calls by blacklist and whitelist. MCleaner uses your Symbian phone book to make it easy to import contacts to the lists of allowed and forbidden callers.

A nice touch is the option to filter messages by keyword. You can blacklist all SMSs that contain the word "work" and whitelist all messages with the keyword "beer."

MCleaner is a chinese program, but Shashank1976 made an english translation. Small bug: the first entry in the basic settings screen escaped translation. Another tiny issue: when you uninstall MCleaner it leaves some configuration data behind in your system folder.

MCleaner v2.01 (english version) on Mobile Castle

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