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Tuesday, 4 August 2009

YouTube players YouTube for mobile and Xenozu, YouTube video downloaders UTube and YourTube

YouTube video player for Symbian mobile phones, Xenozu Symbian S60 YouTube player, YouTube video downloaders UTube and YourTube
YouTube and Xenozu

As usual, YouTube didn't release a change log for the latest version of YouTube for mobile. There are no apparent changes or additions, so it's probably just a bugfix update. You still can't log into your YouTube account (that means no adult movies), and erasing your search history and other private data still requires a trip to the help menu. On first launch it makes you choose your location from one of eleven countries, but it doesn't matter which one you pick from the list.

Google offers YouTube for Symbian as an on-the-fly installer, but you can download the program as a .sis file from Mobile Castle. This may help if you can't download the YouTube player because your IP address is not on Google's list of supported countries.

If you don't like YouTube's official player, you can use MobiTubia. You can also try the alternative YouTube player Xenozu, but it's not worth the trouble. Xenozu lets you bookmark videos, but its user interface is a mess. Before you can use it, you'll have to edit your phone's RealPlayer settings. The programmers of Xenozu also forgot to add an exit button, so you'll have to quit the program with the red hangup button. To annoy its users even more, Xenozu makes you agree to its terms and conditions every time you start the program. There's no "yes, and don't ask me again" option.

YouTube (official site, on the fly installer, download only works with the default web browser of your phone)
YouTube v2.2.9 on Mobile Castle (downloadable .sis file for everybody, works with all mobile and non-mobile web browsers)
Xenozu v1.0.5 at Mobile Castle

YouTube downloaders YourTube and UTube

The official YouTube player won't let you download videos for offline viewing. That's where UTube and YourTube come to the rescue.

Mobile Java application UTube loads into your mobile phone web browser. Through this site you can download YouTube videos to your phone, but you can't choose your own download folder. Videos are downloaded to the standard downloads folder of your phone. UTube doesn't have a built-in YouTube search function, and you have to type or copy/paste the full YouTube video URL into the UTube downloader. Since most Symbian browsers don't let you copy the URL of the current page to the clipboard, this means lots of typing or saving the page as a temporary bookmark to copy the URL. Instead of installing the program you could just as well save the UTube downloader site as a bookmark, since all the program does is launch your browser anyway. Unfortunately the utube pages on were down, so the program doesn't work at all. Maybe it will come back online later?

Mobile Java YouTube downloader YourTube lets you choose your own download folder from the settings screen, but like with most mobile Java programs this requires clicking yes to multiple security warnings. You can choose between three video formats (mp4, flv, and 3gp) and different quality settings as well. YourTube works a lot better than UTube, even though YourTube would be a better program if it would show more information on the search results screen.

UTube v2.00 on Mobile Castle [use the new version instead, see below]
links to the UTube pages on [use the new version instead, see below]

AUGUST 15, 2009 UPDATE: the old UTube is dead, but there's a new UTube video downloader.

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