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Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Dictionary by Vikrant P. Chavan bigger but not better, BabelDict speaks more languages

Dictionary by Vikrant P. Chavan, BabelDict online mobile phone dictionary
Dictionary by Vikrant P. Chavan

The latest update of mobile Java program Dictionary by Vikrant P. Chavan (not to be confused with Dictionary by Simon Judge) adds more words, and the user interface is slightly changed.

But the flaws of the previous editions remain unfixed.

When you launch Dictionary by Vikrant P. Chavan it shows an animated, Matrix-like screen, which is not to everyone's taste. You can't configure it to go straight to the main screen, and you can only exit the program with the red key unless you go back to the Matrix-like start screen.

The user interface has a few more annoying features. The main window features two distracting lines of scrolling text to promote the program and its maker, and "Backspace" is counterintuitively tied to the right softkey. Hitting the clear key of your phone doesn't just delete the letter entered last, but the entire word. And the program still doesn't support T9 predictive text.

Dictionary by Vikrant P. Chavan tries to go online on startup, and it doesn't tell you why. Hitting the left softkey when it's labeled "select" also fires up the "go online?" security warning.

When a word has multiple meanings, Dictionary by Vikrant P. Chavan it doesn't describe them all.

There are plenty of reasons to use another dictionary application on your phone. The only reasons for using Dictionary by Vikrant P. Chavan are its bookmark option, and because it contains some interesting words that are censored by other dictionaries.

Dictionary by Vikrant P. Chavan on GetJar

Other offline dictionaries:
Nokia Mobile Dictionary (only works on Symbian S60 3rd ed. feature pack 1)


Online mobile phone dictionary BabelDict added two more languages to its vocabulary and now speaks english, spanish, french, german, portuguese, dutch, italian, russian, polish, and hungarian.

The official BabelDict site offers a .jad file, which fires up the mobile internet connection of your phone to download the corresponding .jar file. But you can download both files to your computer from GetJar and Mobile Castle.

BabelDict at GetJar

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