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Saturday, 4 July 2009

YouTube for Symbian mystery update, new versions of KuGou and FolderPlay

YouTube video player for Symbian mobile phones, Kugou music player, FolderPlay
YouTube for Symbian

The YouTube movie player for Symbian mobile phones has been updated to version 2.2.6. All new stuff must be under the hood (bugfixes?), because there's nothing new to be seen in the program. You still can't log into your YouTube account (that means no adult movies), the option to erase your search history and other private data is still hidden in the help menu, and on first launch it makes you choose from one of 11 countries, but it still doesn't matter which one you pick from the list.

Google only offers YouTube for Symbian as an on-the-fly installer, but if you want to download the program as a .sis file you can do so from Mobile Castle. This may also help if you can't download the YouTube player because your IP address is not on Google's list of supported countries.

YouTube (official site, on the fly installer, download only works with the default web browser of your phone)
YouTube v2.2.6 on Mobile Castle (downloadable .sis file for everybody, works with all mobile and non-mobile web browsers)
MobiTubia, an alternative YouTube player


Kugou plays music in mp3, aac, wma, fla, and other audio formats.

KuGou version 2.05 has been translated into english by Chickenz, but the interface shows lots of chinese. Tip: if you don't want KuGou to go online on first launch, hit the right softkey.

The new release is supposed to fix some bugs, allow you to choose from eight skin colors, and have a better "shortcuts help panel." But I couldn't find the skin colors, and the shortcuts panel is not translated and therefore all in chinese.

Some things that didn't change:

- Kugou shows all your songs in a single list without filtering by artist, genre, or other mp3 tags. It can sort your files by artist or title, but that's nowhere near enough if you have hundreds of tracks on your memory card.

- On my phones Kugou couldn't even write the names of the songs in the music list, so they were all displayed as E! instead.

- When I tried to exit Kugou, it said that feature was not supported. I had to shut down Kugou with KillMe.

My advice: forget about KuGou, use PowerMP3 or TTPod instead. Even the built-in music player of your phone is better than KuGou, especially with this folder structure workaround.

Kugou 2.05 (english version) at Mobile Castle


Symbian's built-in music player sorts your music by tags, but not by folders. So what do you do if you want to play all tracks in a folder?

You can use FolderPlay. This program looks like a file manager, but if you navigate to a folder with music, it will play all songs in that folder.

Unfortunately FolderPlay doesn't know how to deal with subfolders. If you try to play a folder with songs and more songs in subfolders, it will simply play the tracks in the first subfolder and nothing else.

There are other ways to play music organised by folders. Music Launcher is similar to FolderPlay, but MusicLauncher does it better. PowerMP3 and TTPod sort your music by tags and by folder structure, and there's a folder structure workaround for the built-in Symbian music player.


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