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Friday, 24 July 2009

JoikuSpot Light internet connection improved, FreeAir Wi-Fi scanner remembers your settings, Devicescape Easy Wi-Fi gets you online with less clicks

JoikuSpot Symbian mobile phone 3G UMTS Wi-Fi internet connection

JoikuSpot Light turns your mobile phone into a wireless router by linking your 3G connection to Wi-Fi. If your phone can only go online by 3G (UMTS etc.) because there's no open Wi-Fi router around, simply make your own wireless hotspot with JoikuSpot and share your phone's connection with your laptop, PDA, or iTouch without fighting with cables or complex programs.

Internet connection quality and stability have been improved in the latest version.

JoikuSpot Light only supports http and https, so it won't work for email of the POP and IMAP type, P2P file sharing, media streaming, or FTP. If you can't live with the limitations of JoikuSpot Light there's a €15 premium version that handles all the internet protocols.

JoikuSpot Light at (free, but limited to http and https)

The trial version of the latest version of JoikuSpot Premium expires after only two days, which may not be long enough for you to test it under all the relevant conditions (at home, at work, abroad, etc.). Mobile Castle has an older version of JoikuSpot that you may try for longer than two days. You'll probably find that JoikuSpot is worth buying, unless you have a very difficult internet setup.

JoikuSpot Premium at Mobile Castle (unofficial trial edition, no limits, unsigned)


FreeAir by KloNom finds free and open wireless internet connections for you, so you don't have to scroll down a list of locked access points to find an open connection option. You can tell FreeAir when to search and how often to search.

The latest update kills bugs, remembers your preferences, and comes with notes.

FreeAir requires Python. You'll also have to sign the .sis files or set your phone free to avoid Symbian's Signing Madness.

FreeAir at

Easy Wi-Fi

Devicescape Easy Wi-Fi keeps your mobile phone connected in a way that Nokia's built-in Wi-Fi manager can only dream of.

Easy Wi-Fi finds free, open networks, remembers your login details for secure networks, and automatically gets you past login screens, terms-and-conditions pages, and other obstacles of hotspots that insist on excessive user interaction.

Devicescape Easy Wi-Fi

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Do you know if any of these apps has the option to specify the ip address and dnss?