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Monday, 6 July 2009

More victims of new Nokia firmware updates: the cat and mouse game continues

install unsigned programs
In the early days of the HelloCarbide hack, all Nokia phones running on Symbian S60 3rd edition could be hacked. Nokia responded with HelloCarbide-resistant firmware updates, but then came HelloOX and all S60 3rd and 5th ed. Nokias could be opened up again.

But Nokia fights back. After Nokia's hackproof firmware updates for the N96, E51, and E75, the list of phones with HelloOX-proof firmware has grown a bit longer. New victims: Nokia N85, E63, E66, and E71. And if that's not bad enough, the Nokia N86 and N97 can't be hacked at all yet, no matter which firmware version you have.

So think twice before you update your firmware if you want to stay in control of your phone. There were four long months between Nokia's killing of HelloCarbide and the invention of the Y-Drive/Modo hack and the first version of HelloOX, and nobody knows how long it will take to open Nokia's new locks.

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Wilson Lacerda said...

This hack method is said to work with new E71 firmware. It is spreading in some symbian foruns. I can't try it 'cause I have E51 and also have upgraded it to 400x already. Maybe you or another reader can try:


A1. First the phone must be hacked and HelloOX installed also X-Plore 1.32. Of course you'll need a strong certificate like OPDA can provide.
A2. On Y:\ create folders Y:\SYS\BIN
A3. Enter in C:\SYS\BIN and copy installserver.exe to Y:\SYS\BIN
A4. With the help of X-PLORE change attributes of Y:\SYS\BIN\installserver.exe to SYSTEM, READONLY AND HIDDEN
A5. Change attributes to Y:\SYS\BIN as before
A6. Change attributes to Y:\SYS as before
A7. All it's done you can now upgrade the firmware


B1. Using your certificate sign with the help of SIGNSIS HelloOX 1.03.
B2. Install HelloOX 1.03.
B3. Check if ROMPATCHER has OPEN ALL Active
B4. Enjoy your hacked phone!

阿道的幸福生活 said...

Hi, dude, the HelloOX has updated, the latest version is HelloOX 2, Someone has tried it and found it works for E75 110 firmware. And I tried it too, it really works.