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Thursday, 23 July 2009

Nokia Maps and Ovi Maps free navigation trial

Nokia Maps, Ovi Maps, navigation
Browsing maps with Nokia Maps and Ovi Maps is free, but route calculation, voice navigation, and city guides are quite expensive. For obvious reasons you'd want to try 'em before you buy 'em.

Nokia used to offer a one week free trial. And then the web page with the free trial disappeared.

But the free trial is available again. You can try voice navigation on Nokia Maps 2.0 or Ovi Maps 3.0 for a week with the trial navigation license that Nokia sends by SMS if you give 'em your phone number.

Nokia Maps 2.0 and Ovi Maps 3.0 navigation, one week free trial from Nokia

The free trial comes with limitations that may be too limiting for some. It's available in many countries, but not in all. It won't let you try the city guides sold through the maps application, probably because no one in their right mind would pay for them if they could see how bad these guides are before handing over their money. And what if you need to check if navigation works OK for you in different countries that you won't be able to visit in one single week?

Fortunately there's an unofficial extended trial for Nokia Maps 2.0. It's unsigned, so you'll have to get a certificate and sign it yourself, or set your phone free to avoid the draconian restrictions of Symbian Signed. This unofficial trial may also help you out if your license stops working and you have trouble repairing it, for example when you swap SIM cards often to avoid roaming charges.

Nokia Maps 2.0 navigation and city guides extended trial edition

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