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Tuesday, 21 July 2009

Navigation tool Locify fixes bugs and adds GPX routes

Locify maps
Locify shows maps from Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, and OpenStreetMaps, including aerial and satellite images. It also reads locally stored maps, but the process to add maps is quite complicated. GoogleMaps 2 Trekbuddy is the easiest way to preload maps to your phone. Navigation with Locify is quite useless, but location based Wikipedia search, events, weather info, and pictures from Panoramio work OK.

The latest update fixes bugs, prettifies the user interface, and adds support for GPX routes.

If the Locify download page says the program won't work on your phone model, try it anyway. Locify will probably work if your phone model is not ancient, even if the Locify download page says no.

GoogleMaps 2 Trekbuddy (the easiest way to preload maps to your memory card)

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