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Sunday, 26 July 2009

PhoNetInfo and Jbak TaskMan with new features

PhoNetInfo, JBak TaskMan, Symbian, Nokia, S60

PhoNetInfo shows almost everything you need to know about your mobile phone. Your phone's firmware version, IMEI and IMSI numbers, Wi-Fi and bluetooth MAC addresses, the Wi-Fi SSID and security mode of your active wireless connection, network signal strength, the amount of RAM your phone really has and how much of it is available for your programs, which tasks are running (including those that Symbian's own task manager hides), and much more.

PhoNetInfo can restart your phone with less button pushes than switching your phone off and on. This feature works on my Feature Pack 1 phones, but not on my Feature Pack 2 phone.

The latest version adds bug fixes, copying of selected information to the system clipboard, and correct processor speed info for more phone models.

PhoNetInfo is unsigned. You can sign it yourself, install it on a hacked phone with certificate checking switched off, or you can download the old, signed version.


Jbak TaskMan

JBak TaskMan lets you see hidden tasks, memory status, disk usage, and detailed task info. When the program is running, long-pressing the menu button launches Jbak TaskMan instead of Symbian's built-in excuse for a task manager.

The latest series of test versions feature bug fixes (reboot and autorun should work without errors now), make the program work better on touchscreen phones, add a quickstart folder, and there's a new experimental "kill all" function. The latest signed version doesn't have all the new features and the official site doesn't have the latest unsigned test version, but Mobile Castle does.

You can sign the test versions yourself, or install them on a hacked phone with certificate checking switched off.

JBak TaskMan site (latest signed version and some unsigned test versions)
JBak TaskMan v1.0 R12 (unsigned test version)

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