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Saturday, 30 May 2009

New Morange with old bad habits

Morange mobile phone instant messaging, email, web browser, feed readerJack of all trades program Morange is a mobile Java instant messenger, push email client, web browser, RSS feed and chat room reader, photo uploader, SMS and voice message tool, weather checker, and more.

But there are better instant messaging programs, there are better feed readers, and there are better web browsers. The only thing that may make Morange useful is its push email feature. With so many functions the program resembles the old CompuServe and AOL applications. Its user interface is a horrible mess, and it's slow. Morange is adware that displays ads all over the program. Even worse, its web browser inserts ads into content that Morange didn't make: Morange is a parasite!

The latest Morange update adds picture saving and sending, font size control, the Ocean Age game, and a new logo.


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