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Saturday, 16 May 2009

Talkonaut for VoIP and chat shows messages on your standby screen and finally integrates your phone contacts list

Talkonaut Symbian call and chat instant messaging and SIP VoIP
Symbian VoIP and instant messaging program Talkonaut connects to Jabber (including Google Talk), ICQ, MSN, AIM and Yahoo, and with just about every VoIP service that uses the SIP protocol.

It doesn't connect with Skype, but Talkonaut lets you store multiple SIP VoIP settings, which competitors Nimbuzz and fring do not.

The latest Talkonaut update comes with bug fixes, can show unread messages on your standby screen, and the best change of all: Talkonaut finally uses your Symbian phone contacts list.

Talkonaut can also organise your contacts in groups, which appear as tabs in the user interface. That's a good way to separate your phone numbers from your instant messenger contacts.


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