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Friday, 22 May 2009

Nokia Internet Radio updated: no new features, only new bugs

Nokia Internet Radio, music, audio
Nokia Internet Radio has an easy to navigate radio station directory, but...

- Why limit the list of favourite stations to 20 entries?
- Why make it impossible to copy a station URL from the station details tab? Is Nokia afraid we'll copy the addresses and paste them into a better, competing radio player?
- Why don't saved radio stations appear in the multimedia menu?

The latest update doesn't fix any of these issues. It seems there are no new features at all, and Nokia didn't bother to publish a change log.

Unfortunately the update brings in new bugs. When you exit the Internet Radio application it doesn't really swich off. After a while the last running radio station shows up on the active standby screen, so apprently some part of Nokia Internet Radio keeps running in the background even when you tell the program to shut up. The only way to really shut down Nokia Internet Radio on my phone was to restart the phone completely.

Uninstalling the offending update did not solve the problem, it just made things worse. When I removed the update Nokia Internet Radio didn't work at all. Of course a hard reset will bring the old version back, but this is a last resort method that should be avoided whenever possible. My advice: do NOT install the new update for Nokia Internet Radio.

If you really want to try your luck with the update (backup your phone first!), the Nokia Internet Radio page on tries to scare you into using it's piece of bloatware called PC Suite to install the radio application, but this is really not necessary. You can simply send the installer to your memory card or phone memory and install it straight from there.

Nokia Internet Radio UPDATE: this link is dead. And so is Symbian.