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Sunday, 3 May 2009

New GTranslate, old Google Translator Widget, and KiroDict

GTranslate, Google Translator Widget, KiroDict dictionary and thesaurus

Python program GTranslate uses Google Translate to turn your texts from english into 37 different languages. Unfortunately it can not translate the other way 'round yet.

Unlike on board dictionaries, GTranslate requires a live internet connection. But it can translate more than words, so it may be a useful addition to your offline mobile dictionary. GTranslate asks if you want to set your current internet access point as default connection everytime you launch the program, but with a bit of luck this will be addressed in a future update.

GTranslate needs Python to work.


Other online translation tools: Google Translator Widget and KiroDict

The old Google Translator Widget can translate texts into 10 different languages. The source language is detected automatically. The Google Translator Widget works with the touchscreens of Symbian S60 5th ed. phones like the Nokia 5800XM.

Mobile Java dictionary KiroDict has also been around for a while. It's a simple english dictionary that doesn't translate anything, but you can choose between two different general dictionaries, a thesaurus, a jargon dictionary, and a dictionary for computing terms.

Google Translator Widget 0.1 on Forum Nokia
Google Translator Widget 0.1 on Symbian Freak

KiroDict dictionaries and thesaurus


Pankaj Nathani said...

Hi there,

I am the author of GTranslate.

Do the default internet connection annoy - didn't realize that - should be removed in the next version then :-)

Auto language detection, more languages support for source languages on the to-do list of the next version.

Thanks for the feedback

So stay tuned...


Richard said...

gTranslate most used translation Add-on.

simple and fast.

Video about time for installation and translation.

YouTube - gTranslate