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Sunday, 24 May 2009

All-in-one GDesk pack to design your own Symbian standby screen

GDesk Symbian standby screen builder
With personal standby screen builder GDesk you can put as many program shortcut icons on your mobile phone display as you can fit on it. If you choose the smallest icon size you can put every program on your phone on your active standby screen. With the calendar plugin you can customise the look and feel of the calendar box on your home screen, and the clock plugin offers way more time and date display options than Symbian's own standby screen. With so many features you'd almost forgive GDesk for its rather high memory consumption and lack of bluetooth, internet, and operator indicators.

GDesk has a rather steep learning curve, and having to install the main program and a bunch of plugins separately doesn't help either. Enter the G-Desk all in one repack by DzungKTS: a single .sis installer with GDesk plus the plugins which makes installing (and removing) GDesk a lot easier.

GDesk 0.33 all-in-one repacked by DzungKTS (on Mobile Castle)

If you want to know more about GDesk, if you want to install the bits and pieces one by one, or if you want some ready-made GDesk designs so you dont have to make your own:

Official GDesk site
GDesk version 0.33d on Mobile Castle

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