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Wednesday, 20 May 2009

Here and now from Nokia far from here

Nokia Here and now
Here and now from Nokia is a location aware web application. In its present stage it is just a widget that shows weather and events, but more may be added later on.

The "now" works, because it's not very hard to load a page with weather and events. But the "here" failed miserably on my phone. I connected through a dutch 3G network, so it's reasonable to expect that Here and now at least gets my country right. But it didn't. It loaded some events (two shows in the Bolshoi theatre, a DJ on tour, and the Russian Railway Investment Forum) and weather (cold, cloudy, rain) for Moscow when I connected while sitting in my house in Amsterdam, The Netherlands. Very useful if you'd like to know what's happening in a random town on the other end of the continent...

Here and now adds a link to itself in your browser bookmarks without asking you first.

If you want to remove the program you should do so from the application manager in the settings folder, becase Here and now installs two programs and hitting "remove" from your phone's menu only uninstalls one of them.

Here and now

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