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Wednesday, 13 May 2009

Countdown timer Buzzer gets a bigger icon

Buzzer mobile phone countdown timer
Buzzer is a phone countdown timer program that can tell you that time's up with noise, vibrations, or both. And unlike Best Timer and Time Machine Buzzer is free.

The latest version has a new program icon, because the low resolution icon of the previous version looked quite bad on the 240x340 pixel screens of the most widely used Symbian phones.

Buzzer's user interface could be better. Softkey labeling could be improved, and a "preview" feature in the settings screen for the alarm sounds sounds like a good idea too.

Some extra features like multiple alarms, save alarms and give them names, using the phone's own volume slider, custom alarm tones, and a stopwatch would be useful too, but even without those extras Buzzer is the best (and maybe the only) free countdown timer that works on Symbian phones.

Buzzer is not a real Symbian application (it's written in mobile Java), and you'll need to have warning tones switched on (don't forget to switch 'em off if you want your camera to be silent). The warning tone requirement affects all mobile Java programs, so a Symbian version of Buzzer would be welcome. Or maybe a Python version?


UPDATE: EggClock does what Buzzer does, but EggClock does it better.

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