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Friday, 29 May 2009

Music player Kugou updated and translated, still no good

Kugou Symbian mp3 player
Music player Kugou plays mp3, aac, wma, fla, and other audio formats. Unfortunately Kugou shows all your music in a big list without filtering by artist, genre, or other mp3 tags. It can sort your files by artist or title, but that's not enough if you have hundreds of tracks on your memory card. On my phones Kugou couldn't even write the names of the songs in the music list, so they were all displayed as E! instead. All 700 of them, which made the program totally useless for me.

The latest update fixes some bugs and adds some cosmetic changes to the user interface. One bug they didn't fix: when I tried to exit Kugou, it said that feature was not supported. I had to shut down Kugou with KillMe.

Kugou 2.04 at Mobile Castle

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