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Friday, 20 March 2009

YouTube for Symbian does the job but needs some extra features

YouTube player for Symbian mobile phones
There was a mobile Java YouTube player, and now there's a real Symbian version too.

YouTube for Symbian is a very simple YouTube player. Search, select, play, and your movies will appear in full screen landscape view. YouTube for Symbian works a lot faster than the old Java version.

When you install YouTube it asks you to pick your location from a list of only 5 countries, but that doesn't matter. Just pick any country you like and the program will work.

But there are things left to improve. For example, you can't upload movies with YouTube for Symbian, and you can't log in to see adult videos. Movie descriptions are truncated, and comments don't exist at all in YouTube for Symbian. The program won't let you download movies for offline viewing either.

Tip: the option to erase your search history and other private data is available, but it's hidden in the help menu.

You can download YouTube for Symbian from your phone's web browser at, or you can download the installer file from places like Symbian Freak. (on the fly installer)
YouTube 2.0.0 on Symbian Freak (downloadable installer)

• if you want more than just YouTube, try vtap

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