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Friday, 27 March 2009

Remove junk from your Active Standby screen: now for Feature Pack 2 too

Active Standby patches for FP2 & StandByPlugger for FP1
Share Online, Ovi, Flickr... those icons in your menu are easily parked in a remote folder in a place where you never have to face them.

But what about all those unwanted entries on your Active Standby screen? They make your phone look like a shopping mall, waste space on your screen, and an accidental keypress will take you to some Nokia business partner where you don't want to go. Misclicks may even fire up your mobile internet connection, and such accidents can be very expensive if you're roaming on foreign networks.

For those with S60 3rd ed. Feature Pack 1 phones like the Nokia N95 and N82 there's StandByPlugger by rol@N95d, but those with shiny new Feature Pack 2 phones didn't have an easy way to remove Nokia's junk from their Active Standby screens.

Alberto Bilheteria did something about that. He wrote a couple of patches for ROMPatcher (a must have program if you want to be in control of your phone) that can remove things like Calendar, Search, WLAN scanning, Share Online, and more. If you remove everything you may as well switch off Active Standby completely, so just use the ROMPatcher patches to remove exactly those things that you don't want to see and enjoy the extra space on your screen. You'll need to switch Active Standby off and back on for the changes to take effect, and removed entries appear as blank lines instead of making space for other things, but maybe that will be fixed later.

To use these Active Standby modifications your phone needs to be hacked.

Active Standby patches for FP2
StandByPlugger for FP1
Active Standby patches for FP2 at Symbian Freak (requires signup/login)
StandByPlugger for FP1 at Symbian Freak


Urix said...

This doesn't work on my Nokia 6220 Classic.

When I thy to remove "Search" and "Share Online" from standby screen, text labels are removed, but empty placeholders are left.
Also, my phone alerts me with "Theme error".

symbian underground said...

The patches work on your 6220c.

The theme error alert doesn't stop the patches from removing the Calendar, Search, WLAN scanning, and Share Online entries from your standby screen.

The patches can't get rid of the empty place holders. Somewhere at the end of the post I wrote:

"removed entries appear as blank lines, but maybe that will be fixed later."

Urix said...

Next time I'll read manuals more carefully before complaining :)
Thanks for reply!