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Thursday, 19 March 2009

Use Hotmail with any email program, email application Seven still won't use your memory card

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Hotmail now supports pop3 everywhere, so you can use it with any email program you like instead of struggling with your mobile web browser.

Unfortunately Nokia is not yet aware of this, so if you try to set up Hotmail in the built-in Messaging application of your phone there's a good chance that you'll get sent back to your browser.

But you can force your phone's Messaging program to let you set up Hotmail manually:

1) Set up a new new mailbox and use the email address yourname@hotmail. Do not use, but leave the .com out.

2) Your phone will complain that it doesn't know the email provider and will start the manual setup. That's exactly what you want it to do.

3) Choose these settings:

Mailbox type: POP3
Incoming mail server:
Outgoing mail server:
Access point: whatever you like
Mailbox name: whatever you like

4) Now fire up Email settings from the Options menu, select Connection settings, and enter:

Incoming email
User name:
Password: your Hotmail password
Security: SSL/TLS
Port: Default (or 995)
APOP secure login: Off

Outgoing email
My email address: your email address (remember to add the .com that you left out in step 1)
User name:
Password: your Hotmail password
Security: SSL/TLS
Port: 587 (or 25)

Your Hotmail should be live now.


Seven is a mobile push email client that can sync your contacts, calendar, and mail with MS Exchange Server. It's still in beta testing stage, and has many issues left to be sorted out.

The latest test version adds encryption (to keep people out of your mail if your phone gets lost or stolen), message templates, custom reply-to header and filtering options.

Unfortunately these flaws have not been fixed yet:
- The program, your mail, and all attachments are stored on your phone's built-in memory. Seven won't use your memory card, so forget about receiving mail with big attachments.
- Seven eats lots of RAM. When Seven is running, everything else on your phone is considerably slower. Your battery also takes a serious hit.
- When Seven launches for the first time, it sends an SMS to +447624802625 without asking you first.

You'll need to register with Seven before you can download the program. Even if you want to read the FAQ on the Seven trial site you'll have to sign up first, because the FAQ is part of a closed user forum.

You can test Seven for free while beta testing lasts, but you'll probably have to pay when the program is ready.


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