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Monday, 23 March 2009

Nokia Magnifier: bigger is not always better

If you have a pretty good camera with autofocus on your phone, you can use it as a magnifier with Nokia Magnifier.

Nokia Magnifier
Nokia Magnifier starts your camera and autofocusses without your finger on the capture button. You can "stabilize" the image (which reduces the capture frequency but doesn't stabilise anything), invert colors, increase contrast, and shoot a picture of whatever you're magnifying. You can zoom in and out with the navigation button, but not with the volume rocker/zoom button combo.

But macro shooting and Nokia's cameras don't mix well. For a sharp image you have to keep the camera at a sufficiently large distance, which reduces the magnifying effect by a significant amount. And Nokia Magnifier is useless under normal indoor reading light conditions. You'll need to turn the lights on to full or wait for daylight.

The latest version of Nokia Magnifier is more stable than the first release. The buggy method to check the camera cover position was fixed by simply removing the check. All the other shortcomings remain, so if you really need to read the small print you're better off with a real magnifying glass.

Nokia Magnifier

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