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Sunday, 1 March 2009

PhoNetInfo now with even more info about your phone

PhoNetInfo tells you almost everything there is to know about your phone. Firmware version, IMEI and IMSI numbers, Wi-Fi and bluetooth MAC addresses, network signal strength, how much RAM your phone really has and how much is available for your programs, which tasks are running (including tasks that Symbian's own task manager hides) and much more.

The new version of PhoNetInfo has less bugs, shows Wi-Fi stats like signal strength, and it's easier to copy data.

PhoNetInfo can restart your phone for you, which takes less button push actions than switching your phone off and on. Restart worked on my Feature Pack 1 phones, but not on my Feature Pack 2 phone. Maybe you have more luck.

The new editin of PhoNetInfo is unsigned, so you'll have to sign it yourself or install it on a hacked phone with certificate checking switched off. Or you can download the old, signed version.


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