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Monday, 2 March 2009

DictionaryForMIDs searches multiple languages

Dictionary for phones with mobile Java
DictionaryForMIDs is a collection of mobile Java dictionaries that covers all the major european languages, a couple of asian languages, and there's a Webster dictionary version too.

The latest version has less bugs and an improved (but still not very well designed) user interface.

But the real news is that DictionaryForMIDs has a very useful new feature. If you have multiple languages installed you no longer need to set a "from" language, because DictionaryForMIDs will search all available languages to translate a word into the target language.

The problem is how to install multiple dictionaries. Not all languages can be installed together without tweaking: some language pairs require manual editing of the installation files to stop them from overwriting other language pairs. This problem should go away as the old dictionaries get updated.

A fix for the long dictionary names that don't fit under the icon would be welcome too.


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