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Thursday, 4 December 2008

Warning: new Nokia N95 firmware is hackproof, so don't update if you want to keep control of your phone in your own hands

Symbian S60
The Nokia N95 is probably the most widely used smartphone right now. Its last firmware update was quite some time ago, so N95 users were able to hack their phone, bypass Symbian Signed, and customise their phones with programs like ROMPatcher and Menu Editor while other phones were crippled by new firmware versions that locked their owners out of their own phones.

But now there's a new firmware version for the N95. If you install firmware version 31.0.014 you will no longer be able to set your copy of Symbian free with AppTRK and HelloCarbide. The BiNPDA, Drakkarious, and OYSOISC methods won't work either.

It's not clear yet how this affects the N95 8GB.

If you don't want to give the keys to your phone to Nokia, stay away from the latest firmware update.

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Dubito said...

Aaaaand, that right there is why I didn't immediately whoop with joy, grab the Windows laptop and fire up PCSuite.

If this is Nokia's attitude to Symbian, I can't imagine them having the right attitude to make Linux work.

Anonymous said...

some way downgrade to v30 ?