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Sunday, 14 December 2008

Sign your Symbian programs with FreeSigner and free certificates

FreeSigner, certificates, sign Symbian software application
Symbian software that doesnt come from a handful of big corporations is often "unsigned," which means you'll have to let it sign by Symbian Signed Online (a tedious process), hack your phone so it can install unsigned programs (won't work with the latest firmware), or sign it yourself with a developer certificate.

There are a few applications out there to sign Symbian programs. The new kid on the block is FreeSigner, which is like SignSis with more features.

Of course you'll need a certificate to use FreeSigner. There's a chinese site that hands out certificates to everyone who can navigate their chinese forum, but now there are alternatives in english in german. Getting a certificate is getting easier and easier.

FreeSigner from junnikokuki
free developer certificates to sign .sis files

hack Symbian and install programs without signing them

Mobile Castle and faq4mobiles are user forums, so don't just go there for a free certificate, but try to contribute something to those communities as well.

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