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Wednesday, 24 December 2008

DAO4Sync: your phone on your computer as a local drive

DAO4Sync computer to Nokia Symbian phone connection
DAO4Sync turns your Nokia phone memory into a local drive on your computer, so you can use your computer to open files on your phone just as if it was a normal external drive.

If your edit files when your phone is not connected, DAO4Sync can synchronise your computer and phone data next time you link 'em to each other.

New: DAO4Sync now puts your contacts and messages into its local drive.

DAO4Sync can still not be used as a full PC Suite alternative. You need to have PC Suite installed, because DAO4Sync needs the drivers from PC Suite to connect your phone to your computer. Maybe a future version will work with Nokia's stand-alone drivers instead of needing the entire suite?


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