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Monday, 1 December 2008

Need some megabytes? Clean out your Resource folders

clean up Nokia Symbian resource folder
Deep down in the resource folders of your phone (c:\resource\apps, e:\resource\apps) live many files with names like x.r01, y.r02, z.r03, etcetera.

All these *.r01 etcetera files contain the same stuff in different languages, and together they can waste many megabytes. Not much of a problem on your memory card, but in your phone's internal memory every megabyte counts.

To free up some space you can delete the files for languages you never use. For example, if you only use english, you'd keep all the *.r01 files and throw away the rest. For american english you keep *.r10. For swahili you keep the *.r84 files.

You can do the same thing with all the different language versions of the help files: *.h01, *.h02, etcetera from c:\resource\help and e:\resource\help.

Make a backup of every file you delete. If you select a removed language from the options menu of a program, it will crash. You can revive the program by putting the missing resource file back.

You can view your resource folders with file managers like ActiveFile or X-plore. To remove junk from these folders you'll need to hack your copy of Symbian and switch security ("caps") off with ROMPatcher, SecMan, or CapsOnOff.

list of language codes to help you delete resource files that just waste space
resource cleanup discussion on the Symbian Freak forum (login/signup required)

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Vinay said...

i found the files but can't delete the same. any solution.