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Saturday, 6 December 2008

iPhonesque mod: make web sites believe your Nokia browser is an iPhone, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Blackberry, and more

iPhonesque mod Nokia Symbian web browser user agent changer
Don't you hate this? You fire up the built-in Symbian web browser of your Nokia, surf to a site, and expect to see the site, the whole site, and nothing but the site... but instead you get a watered down mobile version, because the server on the other end found out you're surfing on your phone because of the user agent string that your browser sends out.

iPhonesque improved things a little by fooling web sites into thinking you were surfing on an iPhone, so they gave you their iPhone browser version. This version often comes with more features than what Symbian users get.

The iPhonesque mod made things even better: its User Agent selector lets you choose how your Symbian browser should identify itself to the web site you want to see. Nokia browser, iPhone browser, Firefox, Internet Explorer, Blackberry, Google Chrome, Windows CE, and more. With the iPhonesque mod you'll get exactly the web site version of your choice.

The iPhonesque mod is available from the Symbian Freak forum for quite a while. Unfortunately it's in the modding section of the forum, which is only accessible for members and not indexed by any search engine. And if you find it you're sent to RapidShare with its forced waiting times... For most people it was hard to find this useful web browser spoofing tool, so it didn't get the exposure it deserves.

But now you can download without logging in or signing up. Just click the link below, download the program, install it, and go. The browser user agent selector is written in Python, so you'll need a copy of that on your phone. But with so many useful Python programs out on the web you had Python on your phone anyway, right?

the iPhonesque mod
iPhonesque mod on Symbian Freak (members only)

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james said...

Thanks dear :). This app works perfectly on my unhackable 5320 :D