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Sunday, 24 August 2008

Nav4All: time-limited beta test version of a navigation program with parking space reminder, driving style selector, and more

Nav4All navigation, maps
Nav4All is a mobile Java navigation application for your phone with many features. Some of them great, others not so.

Nav4All lets you select your driving style. Easy rider, economy, tourist, no highways, and more. Bicycle is also an option. Interestingly, "pedestrians" is listed as a driving style... You can also make it avoid highways, tunnels, toll roads, and large cities.

You can search for addresses, but unfortunately this takes many input fields and checkboxes. The navigation options let you choose between kilometers and miles, with an optional warning if you break the speed limit.

Nav4All has many more options. So far, so good. But...

The program is free for the time being, but expires on the first of January, 2010. The bean counters of Nav4All hope that by then you're willing to pay a subscription fee for this program, which for all practical purposes is still in beta testing stage.

There's no option to preload maps to your phone. Nav4All downloads maps on the fly the same way Google Maps does, so you better have an unlimited data plan, and forget about using the program while roaming abroad.

You can't download an installer. The only way to install Nav4All is to visit their website with your mobile browser and allow an on-the-fly install. After the program is installed, it downloads many more components, sometimes without asking you first. It also asks you for your email address, but it works OK with a fake email.

When you uninstall Nav4All, it leaves a file called journal.log behind in the system folder of your phone memory. Maybe the uninstaller forgets to remove other files as well.

Want to give it a try anyway? Then click to

UPDATE: Nav4All is no longer in business.

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