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Monday, 4 August 2008

FreeCoolCalls: background music and noise while you call

FreeCoolCalls is a brand new Symbian program that adds background music to your phone calls.

You can make it play that special song when you talk to your girlfriend, but a perverted mind can think of other useful applications for this piece of software:
- play static noise when your mother-in-law phones, before you drop the call
- play work-related noise when you're supposed to be working
- play airport or railway background noise when your boss calls, at a volume that makes conversation impossible
etcetera etcetera.

This program is so new and experimental that you have to visit the symbian-freak forum to get it. Fortunately it's in the "open for all" part of the forum, so you don't need to register. FreeCoolCalls V1.03 is unsigned, so you'll have to sign it or hack your phone to avoid signing.

FreeCoolCalls V1.03 at symbian-freak

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