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Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Nokia Enhanced Calculator from Nokia Beta Labs: S40 calculator for S60

Nokia Enhanced Calculator for Symbian S60
Dumb Nokia phones with S40 have a way better built-in calculator than Nokia smart phones with Symbian S60. That's why many people replace the built-in calculator of their Nokia Symbian S60 phones with calculators like Calcium for simple calculations, use cCalc as scientific calculator, and plot their graphs with GraphViewer.

But now there's Nokia Enhanced Calculator, which is the old S40 calculator modified to work on Symbian S60 phones. In standard mode it looks a lot like Calcium, in scientific mode it's easier to use than cCalc. Nokia Advanced Calculator also comes with a loan calculator option to calculate interest rates, payback schedules etc.

Nokia Advanced Calculator is promising first step, but the girls and guys at Nokia Beta Labs have quite a bit of work ahead before their creation can be used as the default calculator on Nokia's line of Symbian phones. The new old calculator from Nokia Beta Labs is a Java application that takes a lot of time to start up, and it can't plot graphs. It may be enhanced, but Nokia Enhanced Calculator is far from advanced.

Nokia Enhanced Calculator info and download
Nokia Beta Labs blog announcement of Nokia Enhanced Calculator

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