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Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Nokia Maps now comes with Lonely Planet city guides

Nokia Maps
Nokia Maps doesn't just let you look at maps and navigate them. It also lets you download city guides to find nearby sights, bars, restaurants, hotels, shops etcetera.

The guides for Nokia Maps come from different sources, such as Berlitz, WCities, Polyglott, AA, and Insight Guides. The latest addition is Lonely Planet.

Like all the Nokia Maps extras, you'll have to pay to get the guides (€7.99 per guide when I wrote this). A reasonable price for a good guide, but you'll only find out about the quality after you've forked out your money. You can't browse through the guides like in a real bookstore, and you won't get a refund if the Nokia Maps guide you bought turns out to be outdated, incomplete, or otherwise of substandard quality.

But if tweaking your phone the non-Nokia way doesn't scare you, you can download the guides without paying in advance, so you can try before you buy. Not just the Lonely Planet guides, but all city, region, and country guides for Nokia Maps.

Nokia Maps (official site)
Nokia Map Loader Alternative
Nokia Maps Unofficial Shareware Edition to try guides and navigation before you buy

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