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Thursday, 28 August 2008

Auto Call Back: reduce call costs by calling back without picking up

Auto Call Back: reduce call costs
Imagine: you and your girlfriend are on different mobile phone plans. It's very expensive for her to call you, but very cheap for you to call her.

To save costs, she could call you, end the call before you pick up, and wait until you notice the missed call and call her back.

Auto Call Back is a Symbian program that makes this a lot easier. It lets you select a group of numbers that are automatically called back. When one of these numbers calls, Auto Call Back will drop the call before it costs any money, then automatically calls back.

Different tariffs? Expensive fixed line to mobile calls but cheap calls the other way 'round? With Auto Call Back you communicate by the cheapest method.

Auto Call Back needs to be signed through Symbian Signed Online or with your own certificate. Or simply hack your phone and never be bothered by signing issues again.

• Download Auto Call Back from the official site. You'll get a .zip file full of source code and other stuff you don't really need. Somewhere among the files is a .sis file, and this is what you need to install. If your advertisment blocker doesn't allow content from you won't reach the download page.

Direct link to the Auto Call Back program files from the official site.

• Auto Call Back on DotSIS, with just the .sis installer and none of the unnecessary source code etc.

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