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Thursday, 21 August 2008

Nokia Maps updated to version 2.0.3204

Nokia Maps
The Nokia Maps application is updated to version 2.0.3204. Nokia didn't publish a change log, and nobody knows what's new. Rumours go that route calculation is faster now.

Maps are free, guides and navigation require payment. There's an "unofficial shareware edition" available so you can try before you buy at leasure.

Something that's not new: Nokia Map Loader is still a bloated program that requires .net framework, only works on Windows XP and Vista, and leaves users of Mac and Linux out in the cold.

The Nokia Map Loader alternative is still alive and kicking, and lets you preload maps on your phone's memory card using any browser on any operating system of your choice without the need to install anything on your computer.

Nokia Maps (official site)
Nokia Maps (unofficial shareware edition)
Nokia Map Loader Alternative

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Lauris said...

I found Latvian, Lithuaninan and Estonian (Baltic states) voice navigation added.