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Friday, 4 September 2009

Theme Scheduler, Profile Scheduler, and Key Lock Clock speak more languages

Theme Scheduler by Dr. Jukka for Symbian S60Profile Scheduler

Theme Scheduler changes the theme of your mobile phone on schedule, schedules the background image of your active standby screen, and it can link themes to your current active profile.

Profile Scheduler automatically switches profiles on your phone, so you'll never forget to put it on ultraloud when you go out, or to activate silent mode for classes or scheduled business meetings.

Theme Scheduler and Profile Scheduler now speak eight extra languages, bringing the total to 20.

Both programs come in two flavors: signed and unsigned. The unsigned versions are free, but you'll have to run them through Symbian Signed before you can install 'em on your phone, or sign 'em with your own certificate, or hack your phone to break free from Symbian Signed.

The signed versions are bundled with adtronic, an intrusive piece of adware that pollutes your phone with advertisements when you get called or receive an SMS. That's right: adtronic puts ads on your screen even when Theme Scheduler and Profile Scheduler are not running! So better get the unsigned versions of Theme Scheduler and Profile Scheduler. Signing the program or hacking your phone takes a little extra work, but having adtronic on your phone is much worse.

KeyLockClock Symbian S60 clock screensaver
Key Lock Clock is only available as an unsigned test version. On the bright side, it's not bundled with adtronic.

Key Lock Clock displays a clock on your screen when you lock the keypad, which is especially useful on 60 3rd ed. Feature Pack 2 phones without a built-in "set clock as screensaver" option. Key Lock Clock lets you set your own clock font, light intensity, background color, and light timeout period.

The latest update fixes bugs and adds languages, bringing the total language count to twenty.

Theme Scheduler
themes to feed to Theme Scheduler
Profile Scheduler
Key Lock Clock

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