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Saturday, 5 September 2009

YouTube video downloader YourTube free again, Sleep Music for Feature Pack 2 too

YourTube YouTube video downloader for mobile phones

YouTube won't let you download movies to your mobile phone for offline viewing. Enter YourTube, a YouTube downloader that searches videos on YouTube and lets you save them in three video formats (mp4, flv, and 3gp) and different quality settings. YouTube is a mobile Java program, so when you save a movie to your phone it will pop up some security warnings. And sometimes more than some.

YourTube was free, went commercial, but the latest version is free again. Some bugs were fixed too, although that doesn't necessarily mean YourTube will work on your phone. YouTube tries to block video downloader programs like YourTube, and on phones with tight mobile Java security the numerous security popups that need to be clicked away make YourTube unusable.


A better way to download YouTube movies is through your mobile web browser:

• Youtube Mobile Downloader: UPDATE: this link expired
• Youtube Downloader: UPDATE: this link expired

You can download movies from RedTube too.

Sleep Music

Symbian mobile phone timer Sleep Music can switch off your music player, any other program, or even our entire phone. If your phone has an accelerometer, Sleep Music can change the song if you shake you shake your phone. Sleep Music responds to the buttons of some headsets too.

Sleep Music only used to work on Symbian S60 3rd ed. Feature Pack 1 (and pre-FP1 phones), but the latest update works on Feature Pack 2 too. It doesn't work with Symbian S60 5th ed., which means Sleep Music is not compatible with touchscreen Nokias like the N97 and 5800 Xpress Music. Maybe a future update will take care of that?

Sleep Music is not easy to install. It comes as four different .sis files which you have to sign if your phone is not set free, and it needs Python too.

Sleep Music

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ANUJ RAWAT said...

download youtube videos in hd go to and search for it. I have it and downloaded 100 videos