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Saturday, 19 July 2008

Slick: instant messenger with well designed interface, free for the time being

Slick, Symbian, instant messaging

IM+, fring, and Slick are the best Symbian instant messaging programs out there. Even though it's still in beta testing, Slick has probably the most user friendly interface.

Supports GoogleTalk, MSN, ICQ, Yahoo, AIM, and Jabber, including file transfers. Version 0.43 comes with some minor cosmetic fixes. Slick is free while beta testing lasts. Since the program seems pretty complete, the ongoing beta testing is probably just a marketing trick to get you hooked so you'll pay when it finally goes commercial. But while beta testing lasts, Slick is free.

Slick works on various versions of Symbian and Windows Mobile.

Slick from Lonely Cat Games

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