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Friday, 11 July 2008

Fake Messages, Profile Scheduler, and Theme Scheduler by Jukka: far from finished, but promising

Fake Messages, Profile Scheduler, Theme Scheduler
Jukka, known for his Symbian file manager Y-Browser, made three new programs to celebrate the first birthday of his site

These three programs are all in alpha testing stage (they don't get much more preliminary than that), not very useful yet, suffer from all sorts of compatibility issues, and are still full of spelling errors and other rough edges. But all that could change if these apps mature and new updated versions appear.

Program one:
Theme Scheduler.
This app is meant to change the Symbian theme on your phone automatically, so you can have a serious theme during work hours, a playful theme that your boss and coworkers should never see for weekends and holidays, and a theme with a picture of your mother in law that appears every monday morning between 4.12 and 4.13 am. You can also link themes to your current active profile, so that a new theme appears when you switch from the normal to the silent (or ultraloud) profile and back.

Program two:
Profile Scheduler.
Similar to the theme scheduler, but way more useful if you manage to make it work on your phone. You can have a silent profile that activates itself during your weekly monday morning work meeting, a more relaxed profile with your favorite not-suitable-for-work ringtones for the evenings, a wild profile in the weekends, and automatically switch on the offline profile at night. A major flaw of this program is that it lets you choose between "workdays" and "non-work days," but it doesn't allow you to specify which days are for work and play. So if your working week is not of the standard monday to friday type...

Program three:
Fake Messages.
Lets you enter a message and a sender, which arrives on your phone at the time you specify. A great idea if you need to fabricate an excuse to escape from a boring meeting: just tell Fake Messages to send you a fake emergency message that appears to come from your girlfriend, boss, or pet rattlesnake. Unfortunately the app didn't work on my Nokia.

Jukka's disclaimer for all three programs: "Designed for S60 OS 9.1 Symbian smartphones, and tested only with Nokia S60 devices." Symbian 9.1 for Nokia S60 devices is the oldest version of S60 v3, without any feature packs.

If you want to experiment, here are the links:

Theme Scheduler
Profile Scheduler
Fake Messages

Themes to feed to Theme Scheduler

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