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Thursday, 24 July 2008

The new CapsSwitch: the very very very easy way to hack your Symbian UIQ phone

The first Symbian hacking methods to set your phone free required a phone-to-PC connection. The process was complicated, and Nokia started fighting back with firmware updates that killed the phone-to-PC link.

The hackers responded with the HelloCarbide hack, a hack that worked right on your Symbian S60 phone without having to connect your mobile to your computer. Good news for Nokia owners and everyone else with Symbian S60, but Sony Ericsson users and others with Symbian UIQ phones were still stuck with the old, clumsy Python method to hack their phones by hooking them to a computer.

But then SW (author of the Symbian UIQ hack toggling app CapsSwitch) and FCA (developer of the Symbian S60 HelloCarbide hack) teamed up to produce a brand new version of CapsSwitch, which works right on your Symbian UIQ phone. No phone-to-PC connection required anymore.

With a few modifications you can give yourself full access to your phone's system folders, install programs without having to beg Symbian Signed for the keys to your phone, change icons and menus, switch off the camera shutter sound, and more.

This hack doesn't make any permanent changes to your phone, it only modifies the RAM. If you restart your phone, the hack is switched off until you start it again.

So now everybody can set their Symbian UIQ phones free without having to study for an advanced degree in Symbianology. Just install CapsSwitch.sis and you're done!

• The home of CapsSwitch built by SW
• CapsSwitch direct download (readme file with instructions included)
• Lots of info about all kinds of Symbian hacks
• CapsSwitch discussion on symbian-freak (members only)

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