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Saturday, 12 July 2008

Contacts Transfer: backup, restore, and transfer all the data of your Symbian phone book

Contacts Transfer, Symbian phone book backup
If you have a large collection of names, phone numbers, addresses etcetera in your Symbian phone book, then one day you'll want to make a backup copy of all your contact data to transfer to another phone, or to import everything back into the source phone if the original contacts database gets lost or damaged.

The built-in backup option of the Symbian contacts application exports your contact data as a folder full of .vcf files. PC Suite stores your phone book in a format that only PC Suite can read: sending the backup to a phone to unpack it without a PC won't work.

Worse yet, these backup and restore options have the ugly habit of forgetting things. Either the thumbnail pictures are lost, or the backup didn't remember which contact belongs to which caller group, or it forgot your contact's birthdays, or other data is missing.

Fortunately there is a backup, restore, and transfer option that doesn't forget. Contacts Transfer for Symbian S60 from Juha Riihimäki remembers everything. You can send your contact list to another phone by bluetooth or infrared, export your contacts database to a backup file, restore the backup to the same phone, or restore the backup to another Symbian S60 phone. No matter how you backup, export, import, or restore, Contacts Transfer saves and restores all the original data from your phone's contacts database without losing anything, and it's been doing so since 2003.

Contacts Transfer website

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