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Friday, 25 July 2008

Nokia Maps and Google Earth: Send Google Earth Locations from your computer to Nokia Maps

Nokia Maps
To send a location from Google Earth to Nokia Maps:

1) Open Google Earth, select a location, and save it as a .kml file. Do NOT save it as .kmz, but only use .kml.

2) Go to (Points of Interest Conversion), and convert the .kml file to .lmx (Nokia).

3) Send the .lmx file to your phone by BlueTooth, USB, email, or whatever transfer method you like.

4) Open the .lmx file on your phone. Nokia Maps will start and find the location you saved.

Google Earth
Points of Interest conversion:
Nokia Maps
Nokia Map Loader Alternative
• send Google Maps locations to Nokia Maps


Anonymous said...

How can i transfer the path i made from google earth to nokia map, or to N95 mgmaps?

Vincent said...

Hello, tx for this trick !

Nonetheless, when I send it by email to my E71 and try to open it, it just display the text inside the file.
All I can do is save it as a note...

Any idea on how to solve this ?

Tx !

symbianism said...

- Open X-plore (the free version is OK, no need to pay)

- Tools -> File associations -> associate lmx with LmkMsgViewer

- Use X-plore to open the lmx

Now the lmx will open in Nokia Maps.

Anonymous said...

Good day!

But the path i saved from google earth as .kml cant be converted by So how can i see the path i made as exactly as in google earth? Or just only on MGMaps if i cant see it to nokia maps. Because i have made several paths in google earth but i want to trace them on my mobile using MGMmaps. is there any trick? tnx.

symbianism said...

There's no trick (yet). You can convert locations, not paths.