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Thursday, 5 June 2008

Nokia Maps minor update: no changelog

Nokia Maps
The kinks seemed to be ironed out and the bugs appeared to be killed. Nokia Maps 2.0 has graduated from beta testing, and version 2 is way better than the previous edition.

But apparently there was still something left to fix, because Nokia released an update of Nokia Maps 2.0: the version number went up slightly to 2.0.2204. In typical Nokia style, there's no change log to inform us what's been fixed or changed or improved. There's a new movie on the Nokia Maps page, but that's just a standard "my map app is bigger than yours" commercial without any useful info.

So what's new? Improved stability? Less memory consumption? Faster zooming? Quicker startup? Better search? Or maybe the update is just a trick to close the free navigation loophole? Nobody knows yet, and Nokia is silent as a rock.

One thing that didn't change is Nokias Map Loader from hell. For Linux users, Mac owners, and everyone who can't or doesn't want to install Microsofts .net framework to get Map Loader running there's this Nokia Map Loader Alternative which doesn't require you to install anything on your computer.

Download Nokia Maps from the official site
Nokia Map Loader Alternative

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