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Monday, 23 June 2008

MapDrives: give the folders on your phone a drive letter for quick access

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Need a virtual drive or two? Windows has the subst command, a way to map any folder to a drive letter so you can access them without having to use their full path structure.

But there's no such thing for Symbian. Even worse, you can't even make shortcuts in Symbian! So the only way to address e:\folder\subfolder\another subfolder\yet_another subfolder\long_foldername is by taking the long way, each and every time you need to get to that folder buried deep down inside a maze of subfolders.

Enter MapDrives. This little app lets you assign a drive letter to any folder you like. So instead of digging down to e:\folder\subfolder\another subfolder\yet_another subfolder\long_foldername you can simply map it to drive letter x and access it with x:\ instead of going all the way down the long and winding road.

MapDrives is made by FCA, the guy who made the AppTRK and HelloCarbide methods to hack your Symbian phone to make it listen to you instead of Nokia. The program is new and still has some rough edges, so use at your own risk.

October 29 update: you can use MapDrives to access Symbian system folders from your computer.

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