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Tuesday, 10 June 2008

Symbian web browser: open a new window quick
One of the good things about Symbian's built-in web browser is that it allows you to browse in multiple windows.

But there's one problem: there's no easy way to open a new window.

Enter This page has a link that opens a new window for you. Browse to this page with the Symbian browser on your phone, save as bookmark, and you always have a new window at your fingertips. It has a Google search box as well (results open in a new window, of course), so you might even set it as your homepage.

Open a bunch of windows in your Symbian browser:

Note: Opera Mini doesn't support multiple windows yet.


Abraham said...

Really usefull thank's for share.

Gorga said...

Symbianism deserves the top bookmark spot for any self-respecting S60 user. Thanks!