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Friday, 6 June 2008

Nokia tries to kill the Nokia Map Loader Alternative: no more maps for Linux and Mac users?

Nokia Maps
Nokia Map Loader doesn't work with Linux, doesn't work on Macs, doesn't work for anyone who doesn't want to install Microsofts .net framework...

Enter the Nokia Map Loader Alternative, a site that links to all maps on Nokia's own map server. No need to install anything on your computer, so it works when you're in a hotel, school, at work, or in an internet cafe, with any operating system you like.

But Nokia doesn't like alternatives. Bonny Cameau from Nokia asked the owner of (which kindly provides the easy to remember address) to remove all links to the Nokia Map Loader Alternative. Without success, because the guy who runs is a Linux user himself.

Nokia also asked the company that hosts the site to kill it, which got the Nokia Map Loader Alternative site offline for an entire 15 minutes, but it seems the people at have more common sense than Nokia so the site is back online. And if they change their mind, there are thousands of other web hosts to choose from.

And that's how it should be. As states in big bright bold letters: No files are hosted on this site. The links below point to the map files on Nokia's own server. Nokia configured their server to allow anyone to download their maps without using their map loader. And now they're kicking and screaming...

So if you don't want to use Nokia's Map Loader, you can still get your maps from the Nokia Map Loader Alternative at and the new Nokia-proof location

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