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Friday, 16 September 2011

What to do if maps make Nokia Maps crash?

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I got an email from christian who pointed out a problem with his version of Nokia Maps. It may bite other versions too.

If you run Nokia Maps v3.04 and you download the latest maps through, the maps app may crash. It may be because of maps/app combo, or because the latest maps are not compatible with the old Symbian S60v3.

Workaround: use one of the other map versions for Nokia Maps 3.x.

thanks for this great site that makes downloading maps to mobile very easy.

I have a small remark:
I own a Nokia E52 which runs Symbian S60v3. On this platform the latest available Ovi Maps version is v3.04 10wk17 b07 (this is not the latest version, but Nokia offers only this version for download if you choose E52). This maps version will crash when accessing cards downloaded from your "Maps for Ovi Maps 3.0" page (maps00_02_42_122.html), but work just fine with Maps from "older maps for version 3.0 (also work with some newer versions, and with test version 3.0 beta)" (maps00_01_22_103.html). This had me scratching my head for several days (and reformatting my SD card ;)) until I finally figured out what was wrong.

I think it would be cool if you can put a remark on the page that says that the "Maps for 3.0" do not work with 3.04 maps version, this would help other people not making the same mistake that I did.

thanks and best regards,

Thanks christian for pointing this out.

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