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Monday, 1 August 2011

ActiveFile offline

ActiveFile Symbian file manager & SMS backup restore tool
File manager ActiveFile has some great extras. It's also a task manager, and it can reboot your phone, make screenshots, and make fake messages too. What really sets ActiveFile apart is that it can backup and restore your SMSs.

Unfortunately its website is down. expired on July 30, 2011. Maybe Alie Tan will renew it, maybe he moved on to Android and said goodbye to ActiveFile.

Since legit app sites point to the defunct for their downloads, the only way to get the program is from forums of ill repute like iP-mart, etc.

Or you can download it from here:

Active File 1.44.5 (basic and manufacturer capabilities versions) hosted by symbian underground


|Nauman said...

kindly give this application activefile pls

android underground said...



Cool are still making My fav OS alive!
app is cool enough to say thankx